• 2019 ShanghaiTech Bioforum
    Cellular Mechanisms in Health and Disease
    The three Life Science Institutions of ShanghaiTech University, School of Life Science and Technology (SLST), Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS), iHuman Institute (iHuman), will join efforts to organize a joint Bioforum on November 10-14, 2019. ShanghaiTech University was founded in 2012 under the sponsorship of China’s Ministry of Education and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and was founded as a Research Institution pursuing excellence in Science & Engineering and ...
    The Organizing Committee:
    Prof. Ernesto CarafoliProf. Ji-Long Liu
    Prof. Zhi-Jie LiuProf. Zhen-Ge Luo
    Prof. Raymond C. StevensProf. Ian A. Wilson


      Organizing Secretary

      Qiuning Li, Yao Peng, Songhui Wu, Xiaojun Shao 

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      Sponsorship & Exhibition Management

      Xiaoguang Duan, Kan Wu                          

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